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Lack of posts / Mercurial

No one probably noticed the lack of posts in this blog, but for the last few months my job required me to work on a project abroad and this leaves not much time to write about anything interesting. However I got interested in Mercurial a simple yet powerful version control system. Sadly it is difficult to use it in the corporate world, because there everything needs to have a GUI (and to be fair on Windows any GUI is probably better than “”). So I started to play a bit with PyQt (since Mercurial is using Python as the implementation language) and came up with an almost useless prototype. Maybe one day it might be useful but so far it merely shows the repository contents with changed items in different styles and allows filtering the tree. I hope I find the time to work more on this GUI because I would really like to use Mercurial at work.



C++0x articles has some nice articles about what to expect from C++0x. Interesting read. I also noticed that Pete Becker wrote a book about the TR1 standard library additions. Just ordered my copy from Amazon. Luckily, even tough C++ standardization takes quite a long time, most of the proposed changes are available from Boost (where many of them were initially created) or they even found their way into mainstream compilers already.